Atmosphere Breathable Mix
Temperature Temperate
Biosphere Human-Miscible
Population 1M+
Tech Level TL4


The world's land mass is only 15% of the whole planet, a few scattered islands here and there and of course the magnetic poles. The cities of Rostom are mechanized seagoing cities, as the minimal landmass on the planet is not fit for human living. The continuous radioactive waste pumping out of the cities, a result of the dirty-fusion generators that fuel the cities, have contaminated the planet fully. Anyone outside the city will be in deadly danger of cancers and radiation poisoning.

Government and Capital

Rostom is ruled over by a democratic council of government representatives, voted into office by the populace of the planet. The capital of Rostom, Arneus, is a sprawling half submerged and forever moving city. Arneus is the primary space port of the planet.

Culture Notes

The culture of Rostom is focused on the sea and radiation safety. All food is recycled or a heavily disinfected and cleaned mutated sea beast. The seas of Rostom are also home to rogue "cities" or sealed ships, pirates who attack loose cities and ships in search of plunder and something to eat that doesn't give you cancer.


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