Atmosphere Breathable Mix
Temperature Cold-To-Temperate
Biosphere Human-Miscible
Population 10k+
Tech Level TL3


A large, cold planet Maximos is primary covered by a humongous coniferous forest. The cities of Maximos are primarily small village settlements, although there are a few metropolises. Mainly the star port of Engelsken, as well as the capital city of Maxim. The planet's surface is dotted by humongous lakes and large mountains, standing out amongst the veritable sea of woodland.

Government and Capital

Governed by a theocracy of the CoNC, and primarily by their matriarch, The Reverend Mother Patricia. As such most of the citizens of Maximos are pious practitioners of the faith. The government of Maximos tends toward a socialistic regime, the government owns most the major means of production as well as the main trade corporations of Maximos, although off-world traders can and do operate their own businesses on the planet. 

The Capital of Maximos, Maxim, is not the spaceport of Maximos. It is the bureaucratic and religious center of the planet, where all tax collection, decisions, and laws are passed or processed. It is home to the Maxim Cathedral and the Bureau of Trading, both of which have become critical to the flourishing metal trade of the world.

Culture Notes

The Maximos culture is heavily rooted in their faith, and the philosophy of "You gotta do what you gotta do", a deeply productive people the Maximoans are known as great workers and scientists, with work ethics next to none.


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